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From the desk of Steve Lowell, Master Speaker and Mentor to those who speak in public.

Preparing Your Mind for Stage Mastery

Attention to the Person in the Mirror

Before speaking or performing, I always pause a minute or so, and I take a good look at the person in the mirror. I do this for several reasons:

I want to visualize who my audience is going to be seeing. This helps me to put myself in their shoes a little, and it elevates my understanding of what their experience will be like. Itís all part of having empathy for my audience, as I mentioned in the SPICE section of chapter two.

I check to make sure that Iím physically prepared to present, that I donít have to worry when I walk out onto the stage. I check to make sure that my tie is properly tied, and whether there are obvious imperfections of which Iím not aware, such as a green thing between my teeth.

I give myself a little pep-talk. A mini ďRah! Rah!Ē session to help elevate my belief that I will do the best I can do when I take the stage in a few minutes.

The last thing I do is to give myself a mini pat on the back. A personal ďAtta-boyĒ for pursuing my passion, and getting myself to this spot, on this day, and being ready to do my work.

So, whatís the lesson? Give yourself a little personal encouragement and accolades for a job well done, before you begin to speak. It will lift your confidence, and elevate your empathy for the audience.

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