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Public Speaking Mentor Steve Lowell

Who Is Steve Lowell?

Steve Lowell has been on stage for over 43 years and has delivered literally thousands of paid speaking engagements and performances across North America to audiences of all sizes.

For the past 20 years Steve has been training speakers to master the stage, be confident and inspiring and absolutely LOVE speaking in public.

His clients often experience a profound transformation moving past paralyzing stage fright into receiving standing ovations, winning international speaking competitions and increasing sales from the stage!

As a public speaking trainer, coach and mentor, all of Steve’s programs provide a safe, encouraging, and exciting learning environment.  He has a reputation for allowing the participants in his programs to feel free to extend themselves beyond their comfort-zone without the fear of being judged.  With the successes in the classroom, participants feel empowered and energized about the way they see themselves.

In Steve's courses, you won’t be sitting listening to long lectures. Long lectures do not have the power to transform. You will be speaking, applying new techniques and stretching yourself under the support and guidance of a trained facilitator.  In Steve’s class, YOU are the single most important person!

Contact Steve at of by telephone at (613) 295-2413