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From the desk of Steve Lowell, Master Speaker and Mentor to those who speak in public.

Preparing For a Powerful Delivery

Be Prepared To Go Off Course

Itís bound to happen, especially in a business presentation. Youíll be in the middle of your presentation and someone will interrupt with a question or a comment that derails your entire plan. What to do?

This is an extension of the previous point. If youíre presenting to an audience whoís likely to be interactive, to pose questions, and to make comments throughout your presentation, youíll need to be prepared to handle it with grace and poise.

When preparing your presentation, consider all the angles. Look for possible openings where someone might interject, and be prepared with whatever information that may be required to handle it. You might even consider preparing slides and visuals, and have them ready just in case.

When speaking to a larger audience, itís less likely that youíll be run off the road, but in a smaller presentation with a group of decision makers, itís not only possible, itís likely, so be prepared.

If you have every angle covered before you enter the presentation room, your confidence will be elevated, and your delivery will reflect that.

So, whatís the lesson? Be prepared to be derailed.

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