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From the desk of Steve Lowell, Master Speaker and Mentor to those who speak in public.

Public Speaking Myths to Clear Up Right Now

Myth #8- I Could Never Be a Great Public Speaker

There are three things that stop someone from being a great public speaker: lack of skill, lack of confidence and lack of experience. Each one of these roadblocks is surmountable.

The skills to be a great speaker can be taught to anyone who’s willing to learn.  It’s not always easy, but it can be done. Once a little skill is developed and the person begins to see and feel results, confidence begins to increase and they become more mindful of opportunities to speak up. This gives them added experience, which, in turn, gives them more opportunity to develop their skill. Soon, they begin trying out new techniques, expanding their comfort zone and becoming more relaxed and open in front of an audience.

The best speakers are not the ones who deliver the most polished performance. The best speakers are those who can move their audiences emotionally, and that’s done by connecting with their audience at an emotional level. The more you show your audience the real you, the more impactful you will be as a speaker. Since anyone can learn to just be him or herself, anyone can learn to be a great speaker.

I have seen unpolished speakers with poor vocabulary and a less than attractive appearance completely captivate and move an audience more than some of the most professional and polished speakers with all the charisma in the known universe.

Yes, polish can be good, charisma is an asset and a pleasant appearance sure helps, but none of that’s a pre-requisite for being a great speaker. The keys are openness, sincerity and passion for your topic. That passion, if great enough, will supersede any shortcomings you may think you have. A speaker who can make an audience feel the way he or she feels about the topic at hand is a sensational speaker. Even if you weren’t born with the “gift of gab,” you can become a great speaker. All you have to do is gain a little skill, increase your confidence and add experience through practice.

So, what’s the lesson? Show your passion and be yourself, you can be a great speaker.

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