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From the desk of Steve Lowell, Master Speaker and Mentor to those who speak in public.


Use Flip Charts Backwards

This is a cool little trick I learned years ago.

Youíve probably seen presenters struggle with the flip chart paper, as they try to lift it over the top of the chart. The paper gets crumpled, and wonít fall properly. Most speakers have struggled with this, from time to time.

When I use a flip chart, I turn all of the pages up first, so that I begin using the last page of the pad, and I flip them from back to front. I do this for two reasons:

First, when the pages are flipped over the top of the chart, itís much easier to grab them from behind the chart. The pages are already separated, and theyíre at chest height, so I donít have to bend down.

Second, once I grab the sheet, thereís already a forward pulling force on it, because the sheets are mounted on the front of the chart, and the fold is pulling the paper for me. I simply have to lift the sheet a little, and let gravity drop it smoothly into place.

Try it! Flip the papers of the flip chart backwards, from back to front. Youíll see how smoothly you can flow through those pages, with next to zero effort, and no awkward fumbles.

So, whatís the lesson? I think you get it!

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