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Public Speaking, Presentations Skills Book

Become A PROFOUNDLY Better Public Speaker in 30 Minutes or Less, I GUARANTEE it!

I call this "The Little Presentations eBook with Inner Bigness!"

  • You can read it in about 30 minutes: Every point is a Facebook post so each one is max 420 characters

  • It costs less than a medium pizza!

  • Every single point has been tried, tested, proven and proven again by me personally

  • It's full of things no-one else will ever teach you about speaking

  • If you don't like it, I'll send your money back and you keep the eBook

From Facebook...

Heather Richardson Sell it for big bucks! Your expertise is valuable.

Scott Howard I can only say that I would like to have it Steve!

Janet McCredie Steve, It's because of you that I can get up in front of an audience and be so comfortable! Thanks again Steve!

It's a complete and total no-brainer for anyone who needs to be a better public speaker, give better presentations or speeches, and if you're in business of ANY kind...YOU DO!!

Here's the scoop: Every few days I post short tips on public speaking on Facebook.  This little eBook is a collection of 55 of my favorite free public speaking tips. Every single point in this eBook will help you to become a more influential, inspiring and entertaining speaker and communicator.

I have written them all here exactly as they were posted on Facebook so they are easy to read and simple to apply.

YES, Steve!

I want to be a PROFOUNDLY better speaker in 30 minutes or less for only


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